The training of household slaves

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Fresh girls are in place to satisfy the House Master’s appetite for new slutty submissive servants. Will these girls make it?  The staff’s job is to find fresh new playthings to please the Master and for the general amusement of the household.
Watch the slavegirls suck dominant men’s cocks, being fucked in every hole and doing their best to please the household good enough to stay. This is every guy’s dream !!

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Payton Bell being trained as a slavegirl

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Slavegirl in pain and pleasure

This pic says it all. Slavegirl being bound and punished, and she is going to learn how to enjoy that.

Payton Bell is training her blowjob skills

As I’ve said before, blowjobtraining is a must to become the perfect submissive. A bad blowjob would result in painful punishment. Payton is in bondage, sucking her Master’s dick. The way she’s bound makes her have to suck him without the use of her hands, personally I like it best when no hands are used.

I wonder if Payton is able to deepthroat

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Submissive being trained with bondage and pain

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Great bondage of tits and nipples

Breasts bound like this isn’t something every girl would enjoy. Adding cloth pins to the nipples doesn’t help I guess.
This submissive is, however, in the program The Training of O, and in a week of training to become a better slavegirl.

Submissive in pain because of bondage

I just love this pic. Look at this slavegirl’s face. You can see she’s in pain, but she wants to become better. That makes her great.

Great way to use bondage to expose a twat

This was a new way of bondage to me, and I have to say I like it. The red marks on this sub’s ass makes it even better.

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Gia DiMarco is a submissive being humiliated

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This submissive in training is totally exposed

Many girls are being shy, they don’t want to be fully exposed. When it comes to the training of submissives, or slavegirls, it’s vital for them to learn to somewhat enjoy being unable to hide anything about their bodies.

This submissive is getting her cunt filled while being totally exposed

The pose above is both training of the submissive to increase her endurance, and it is training in being unable to hide herself. Standing like this, with her twat stuffed and her nude slave girl body exposed makes her so beautiful in my eyes.

Slave girl exposed, ready for inspection

This awsome pic makes me want to slide my fingers between this submissive’s pussy lips before spreading her ass cheeks and anal fuck her hard.

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Tia Ling is a submissive training to tackle pain

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There are many ways to be both submissive and dominant, and all in all there is no such thing as “the right way”. It’s all personal.
Myself, I like girls who can stand pain. To me it’s beautiful when a girl’s face shows she’s in pain, still knowing she wants this both for  herself and because she truly wants to please me.

Submissive slavegirl training to tackle pain

The ability to stand pain is something that can be trained, and the guys over at THIS SITE know this. They have many ways of inflicting pain to their submissives. We all know of the ordinary spanking and bondage in though possitions, but something as simple as cloth pins can do the trick just as well. And these pins are better for endurance. The submissive can be in pain over a  longer time, and the dominant doesn’t have to do much other than watch. Great huh?

Submissive trains to increase her endurance while being in pain

Awsome look at this submissive's face

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A basement full of submissives for training

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A row of submissives waiting for training

This is one of my dreams; a row of submissives waiting for orders

I will admit it right away, I am a pervert. Would there be any other reason for me making a blog about the training of submissives?
When thinking of it, this blog will maybe be more about the training of slavegirls, you know, these great girls just awaining your orders no matter the time of day.

I am sure the guys over at the Training of O have the time of their life each and every day. They are taking in these submissive girls for a week full of training. After a week of spanking, bondage and punishment in general, the girls transforms to obidient slavegirls. As a result of the intensive training, they will after the week have skills to please all of us.

Trainig to give a perfect blowjob

It is important to know how to sock a cock the right way

I have had my share of girls during the years, and I have to say that giving a good blowjob is not something that comes natural for all girls.
I love this idea with rubber dicks for practice and perfection of the skill. A great submissive should, as all girls, be able to please me with giving me an awsome blowjob. This is not something that goes for BDSM only, in this case I am most certain pro-rubberdicks.

Training is a must when it comes to giving blowjobs